You tube

Due to funds and time I’m putting the leaflets on hold until mid year. However, to continue the great work we’ve done here I’m going to start a you tube page for our collection. I’d love it if contributors could send me mp3s or video clips of them reading their work.

Send them to

This will continue the mission and offer our audience another route to appreciate our work so get them in.


One Lovely Blog Award

We’ve been nominated, well done all contributors. One Lovely Blog Award. Check out this link,and definitely check out Belljargirl and her great work.

It has been several months so far and we’re looking good. I’m so pleased with the contributions I’ve received so far, I’ve turned down about three poets so far and that was because it didn’t quite fit, not because they weren’t good. I’m now in the process of printing several volumes of leaflets whereby each contributor will have at least a poem featured. I’m going to send them out for free to people so get in touch if you want some. I’ll update as soon as they’re ready.

One more thing – More women please!!!

It has been sev…

A new great

MFLMTTBAC is very please to have Fiona Sinclair join as contributor. Her work is wonderful and will stand as a beacon for our project.

The Birth

It is St Georges Day. It is the Birthday and Death day of Bill the Bard. But it is most importantly The start of MFLMTTBAC

Hello world!

My Father lost Me To The Beast At Cards is now up and running.

New Poets coming to the world very soon.